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Principal's Welcome

As the Principal of education and on behalf of our faculty at OeS I would like to personally welcome you as a valued member of our global eLearning high school community. Our mandate is to provide a Canadian based eLearning curriculum that will give you the opportunity to be a high school graduate in order for you to be successful in the following areas:
- Post high school education (University/College)
- World of work
- Lifelong learner
- Global Citizen

An education is the equalizer in a highly competitive global marketplace that is transforming at a daily basis. Our hope as educators at OeS is to give our students a skill set that will give them a competitive edge.

Finally, as Principal of Education for OeS I personally wish you the very best as you make a difference as an educated global citizen of the world.

Nazzareno Fiscaletti, Principal (B.Sc, B.Ed., M.Ed., OCT)


Self Pace

The twenty first century student is faced with growing competition from within and beyond the borders of their own country. Students must take advantage of the accessibility to higher learning and strive to reach their full potential. To emphasize the importance of high school education and its commitment to educate students until adulthood, the Ontario Government has made it mandatory for Ontario students to attend school until the age of 18 (or until the OSSD is obtained). Students can take advantage of OeS’ open and continuous enrollment to supplement their own programs. The OeS platform allows students globally to complete and/or supplement their education utilizing online technology from any place in the world at anytime of day or night.


Online Teacher

An online teacher will manage the course as the students work their way through the curriculum. The course content is online, as assignments are completed and submitted through the system, teachers will return them within 3 days graded and with constructive comments. Students can track their progress and have access to updated marks at all times.


Driver's Seat

Whether it is one course or several, OeS puts the student in the "driver's seat" of their education. Students who need more time to practice their learning can choose to move slowly through their course whereas they may move quickly through other portions of their courses to remain engaged. If the student isn't ready to write a test on a certain unit or concept, he/she can review the material, ask the teacher for help and then write the test when he/she feels completely ready to do so.


Live Teacher

Ontario eSchool ESL courses are unique! Within each ESL course students will interact with a live teacher online. Students will have several 1 hour blocks of time each week to practice their English one-on-one with a Certified English teacher. Teachers will be able to directly help, motivate, and engage students as they navigate through our ESL courses. This live interaction will also allow teachers to continuously assess a student's progress and give them timely and effective feedback for a successful experience.

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