Ontario eSchool Athlete Scholarship Program 2021 - Briefing Session

General Information

  1. Webinar Briefing Session

    Details of the Ontario eSchool Athlete Scholarship Program are below:

    - Date: 5 May, 2021 (Wednesday)
    - Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
    - Mode: Zoom 
    - Details: Introducing Ontario eSchool & Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), 2019 Scholarship Awardee Wong Chin Yau (Table Tennis Athlete) sharing & application process
    - Application Form: https://forms.gle/CP1FCX6nc3oUsfsK7
       (If you are unable to attend, you can still fill in the form and we will share the video to you after the webinar)
    - Please click here for the Webinar powerpoint version: https://www.oesasia.org/upload/2021-05-06/2021_.pptx_1.pdf

    【Athlete Scholarship Program 2021 - Online Briefing Session】has successfully concluded on May 5, 2021, please click below to review:​

2.Application Procedure

Interested athletes should complete the athlete application form with all supporting documents and submit to their respective NSA for verification and nomination.
  1. Nomination by NSA

    1. Athlete application forms were vetted and consolidated by NSA.
    2. Each NSA had a maximum of 2 quotas for nominating members to apply for the scholarship program.
    3. Application Deadline is 30 June, 2021 (Wednesday) , by :
    - Fax: 2890-9599
    - Email: [email protected]
    - Mail : Room 1004, 1/F Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    *Please submit the NSA nomination application (maximum of 2 quotas), Athlete Application Form and proof of documentation to HKACEP office. Incomplete or missing documents will not be accepted.
  2. ​Awardee Selection

    Awardees were selected according to their sports achievements, commitment to the scholarship and suitability to participate in the program.
    Applicant may be required to attend an interview by the Organiser.
    The Organiser reserves all rights to interpret/amend the rules and regulations, as well as to maintain the final decision on the results.


For application and selection enquiries, please contact HKACEP at 2504 8188. 
For scholarship and course enquiries, please contact Ontario eSchool at 2393 8301.

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