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International Students


An International Student does not require a study permit in order to take online courses at OeS. However, if you plan on physically entering Canada in order to study in Canada, you may need a study permit, and/or a temporary resident visa. However, not everyone coming to Canada to study requires a study permit. For example, you do not require a study permit to go to school in Canada if you wish to study in a short-term course or program that lasts six months or less. Contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada if you wish to explore study permits in more detail.


Ontario Student Record (OSR) For The International Student


In order for any student to take an online course with and Ontario High School, an Ontario Student Record (OSR) must either exist or be established. The Ontario Student Record (OSR) is a physical file folder containing the official school records for every student registered in a school in Ontario. The OSR contains such documents as credit transcripts, community service records, Ontario literacy records, report cards and other important information belonging to the student. OeS through OeS will establish an OSR for all students that are new to the Ontario educational system.


Required Information:



The student will need to send proof of identification. Forward your picture ID (passport, driver's license, etc.) to OeS.Upload as an attachment when submitting your registration form (recommended)


Attach to an email addressed to [email protected]


Mail to 4/F Tower Jordn, 6Bowring Street, Kowlooon, Hong Kong


Official International Transcripts

When taking courses with OeS a copy of your official transcript containing the notarized seal of the issuing institution. We need these transcripts so that OeS can generate an educational profile for each student and to make sure international students meet the prerequisite course requirement. Forward your official transcript to OeS.If your transcript is not in English, then you must submit an English translation of your transcript along with the original transcript. Many issuing schools may be able to translate your transcript into English. If the issuing school is unable to issue your official transcript in English, you can submit your transcripts to a translation service such as: (1) Worldwide Educational Service (http://www.wes.org), or (2) International Education Research Foundation (http://www.ierf.org)


English Requirement

All courses at OeS are delivered in English. Proficiency in English is a requirement. If you have been attending school in the United States or a foreign school in which the primary language of instruction has been English, you are exempted from demonstrating your proficiency in English.

An international student, whose primary language is not English and has not been attending an English Language School, will need to complete an English Literacy assessment.

Ontario eSchool will administer a free English Literacy assessment online when the student first meets their teacher. The OeS teacher will make sure that the student is placed in the correct ESL level. If the student has registered into the wrong level the teacher will make the appropriate course recommendations and necessary corrections. It is the student's responsibility to follow the teacher's recommendations.




Course Fee

There is no tuition refund once the student has been placed in the course. Students will receive a refund "only" if the student has not been assigned to a course. There will be a $50 cancellation fee charged to the student.




Students have 6 months from time of course enrollment to complete the course. Students that have exceeded the 6 months time-line will have their accounts inactivated. Students will be charged an administration fee of $125 to have their accounts re-activated. Students will now have 2 more months to complete the course. Students will be permanently withdrawn from their course if they take longer than 8 months to complete the course.


Course Transfer


A student enrolled into a course for less than a week and does not complete an assessment, may request to be transferred to another course. They must have made such a request within seven days of their initial enrollment. If this transfer request is approved by OeS, it can proceed, but there will be a $125 processing fee.


Course Prerequisite


Certain courses require the student to have completed a prerequisite course. Students may begin the course without providing evidence that the required prerequisite has been completed, it is the student's responsibility to obtain and send us a copy of your Student Transcript (Mark Sheet) or Report Card or Credit Counselling Summary which proves to us that you have achieved the prerequisite for your course. OeS will not issue the student a midterm or final report until the student provides evidence that the prerequisite course has been completed. This document may be mailed, faxed, or scanned and attached to an email.Student may request that OeS waive the course prerequisite requirement. The criteria used by OeS to determine if the prerequisite course is to be waived, is the student's age, education level and if the student has equivalent courses on their student records. The decision of OeS will be considered final in all cases involving waiving prerequisite requirements.

Tuition refund policies, course transfer policies, student enrollment policies and course prerequisite policies may be modified at any time at the CIeSA website. The use of OeS courses indicates that the student accepts these aforementioned policies.

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