Offer Letters since 2017

We have recieved over 200+ offer letters in 2021. Among the students who have applied to universities in Canada, 85% have recieved entrance scholarships. 

 Canada:   canada

UofT University of Toronto

 St George Campus 
Life Science (including Psychology) 
 -  Kinesiology & Physical Education 
 -  Social Sciences & Humanities 
 -  Social Sciences
 -  Physical & Mathematical Sciences

 -  Management 

 Mississauga Campus 
- Life Science 

 - Visual Studies and Performing Arts 
 - Communication, Culture, Information and Technology 
 - Psychology 
 - Psychological and Health Sciences
 - Forensic Science 
 - Social Sciences
 - Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics
 - Commerce

 Scarborough Campus 
- Life Science (Co-op & Regular) 
 - Visual and Performing Arts
 - Psychological and Health Science 

 - Psychology 
 - Humanities 
 - Social Sciences and Humanities 
 - Physical and Environmental Sciences

 Unknown University of British Columbia 

 Main Campus  
 - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
 - Bachelor of Science
 - Bachelor of Kinesiology

Mcmaster University  McMaster University 

 - Social Science 
 - Humanities 

 - Honours Kinesiology 
 - Mathematics and Statistics Gateway 
 - Business I


 Waterloo University of Waterloo

 - Life Science 
 - Global Business and Digital Arts 
 - Honour Arts 
 - Recreation and Leisure Studies 
 - Kinesiology 
 - Health Studies 
 - Science and Aviation 
 - Honours Arts and Business 
 - Geography and Aviation 
 - Geomatics 
 - Mathematics 
 - Planning 

 Ryerson_University_-_2016_school_year_logo Ryerson University 

 - Biology 
 - Environment and Urban Sustainability 
 - Early Childhood Studies 

 - Child and Youth Care 
 - Professional Communication 
 - Hospitality and Tourism Management 
 - Creative Industries 
 - Medical Physics 
 - Sociology 

 queens universityQueen's University

 - Life Science 
 - Computing 
 - Kinesiology 
 - Music 
 - Engineering 

WindsorUniversity of Windsor

 - Biological Sciences 
 - Business Adminstration 
 - Psychology 

westernWestern University

 - Science (Biodiversity and Conservation) 
 - Social Science
 - Arts and Humanities
 - Media, Information and Technoculture 
 - Kinesiology

 - Management and Organizational Studies - Commercial Aviation Management
 - Science - Actuarial Science, Bioinformatics, Finance Modeling, Information Systems

York York University 

 - Biology
 - Cinema and Media Studies 
 - Human Resources Management 
 - Psychology 
 - Language and Linguistics 
 - Bachelor of Arts Computer Security 
 - Bachelor of Arts Digital Arts
 - Communication Studies
 - Physics & Astronomy 
 - Earth & Atmospheric Science 
 - Digital Media 
 - Communication and Media Studies 
 - Children, Childhood & Youth Studies 
 - Global Political Studies 
 - Sociology 
 - Commerce 
 - Human Rights & Equity Studies 
 - Social Work 


 wilfred Laurier Wilfred Laurier University 

 - Computer Science

 CarletonCarleton University 

 - Science: Honours

 UofGUniversity of Guelph

 - Biological and Physical Science
 - Environmental Sciences 
 - Hospitality and Tourism Management 

 UofO University of Ottawa

 - Physics
 - Biology
 - Psychology
 - Communication & Sociology

 1Trent University

 - Computer Science (Honours Science)
 - Computing Systems & Media Studies (Honours Arts)

 2022-07-07 60220Simon Fraser University 

 - Interactive Arts & Technology
 - Kinesiology

 McGill_University_CoAsvgMcGill University

 - BEd Physical Education

  2022-07-07 60555Concordia University 

 - Bachelor of Arts (Major in Economics)


Hong Kong:    hk

hku The University of Hong Kong

 - Bachelor of Social Sciences 
 - Bachelor of Arts 
 - Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Applied Artifical Intelligence 
 - Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Financial Technology 
 - Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences 
 - Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance 
 - Bachelor of Economics and Finance 
 - Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking 
 - Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) and Bachelor of Laws 

city u City University of Hong Kong 

 - Bachelor of Engineering - Biomedical Engineering 


 CU The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

 - Integrated BBA Programme & Juris Doctor

 PolyU The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

  - BEng (HONS) Scheme In Aviation Engineering
  - BBA (HONS) Scheme In Management & Marketing


 BU  Hong Kong Baptist University

 - Bachelor of Business Administration 

  2022-07-07 60713 Hong Kong Metropolitan University

 - Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours in Hotel and Sustainable Tourism Management
  - Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Psychology

United Kingdom:    uk

 Warwick  The University of Warwick 

 - Psychology with Linguistics 
 - Law with Study Abroad in English 
 - Law 

EdinburghThe University of Edinburgh

 - Psychology 

university-of-birmingham-logo University of Birmingham 

 - Master of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering 
 - Artifical Intelligence and Computer Science  

University_of_Manchester-Logowine The University of Manchester

 - Artifical Intelligence and Computer Science  

 University-of-Exeter-logo-19-20  University of Exeter

 - Psychology
 - Computer Science

 university of southampton   University of Southampton 

 - Computer Science with Artifical Intelligence 

 Cardiff_University_logo  Cardiff University

 - Psychology with Professional Placement 

980_university_liverpool_logo University of Liverpool

 - Science - Physics 
 - Computer Science 

 Oxford Brookes University  Oxford Brookes University 

 - International Hospitality and Tourism Management 

 University_for_the_Creative_Arts_2015_logo University for the Creative Arts 

 - Fashion Design
 - Film Production

 uea-logo-university-of-east-anglia University of East Anglia 

 - Pharmacology and Drug Discovery

 2022-07-07 60849University of Bristol

 - Law

 2022-07-07 61008 King's College London, University of London

 - History

 2022-07-07 61052University of Kent

 - Law

172942Queen Mary University of London

 - Global Law

University-of-St-Andrews-logoUniversity of St Andrews

 - Computer Science

Durham_University_Logo 1Durham University

 - Computer Science

43fff0_e990bbf4aa734e2a926bcfd29ff2db99_mv2University of Sheffield

 - Computer Science

imagesLancaster University

 - Business Management
 - Computer Science
​ - Media and Cultural Studies

Bristol, University of the West of England

 - Business Management and Marketing

university-of-yorkUniversity of York

 - Business and Management
 - Computer Science

Kingston_University_London_logo_320-desktop-blackKingston University

 - Media & Communication
 - Filmmaking

 1University of Portsmouth

 - Television Production

University of Brighton

 - Media Studies

Bath-Uni-LogoUniversity of Bath

 - Computer Systems Engineering 


Australia:    AUS

 ANU Australian National University

 - History

 1The University of Queensland

 - Law

 2Monash University

 - Bachelor of Marketing


 - B Commerce

Macquarie_UniversityMacquarie University

 - Bachelor of Clinical Science

 3University of Technology Sydney

 - Bachelor of Forensic Science

UWA-Full-Ver-CMYK3University of Western Australia

 - Doctor of Podiatric medicine


Switzerland:   swit

 SHMS SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School (Leysin)

 - Bachelor of Arts 

China:   china

  XJTLU_Logo Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

 - Urban Planning and Design 

Holland:   holland

 instituteLogo Radboud University

 - Computing Science 

 university-of-twente-1-logo-png-transparent University of Twente

 - Technical Computer Science 

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